This would be the place for fresh new work, behind the scenes stuff, good music recommendations & other shenanigans.  Thanks for stopping by!

For full portfolio, please visit




Paul Wilkes  405.802.7581


5 Responses to “Contact”

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I still can’t believe you use that picture!!!! :)

  2. Danny said

    Great Photos!!Can you please contact me. I would like to discuss getting some of the GRO photos.


  3. Jes Crocetto said

    Hi Eric,
    Your pictures are fantastic! I am an aspiring model/photographer and would love some pointers! If you would be so kind to help me out I would be so grateful! Thanks so much for your time!


  4. Laura Kearney said

    I’m taking a photography class, and I have an assignment to find a photographer who’s work I admire. I really like your photography, and was wondering if I could ask you some questons via email about how you got started and such.

    Laura K.

  5. Hi. Great work! Loved the images. Just wondering who hosts your main website? I am looking for a hosting service and I like the way yours is setup. Thanks for your time.

    Callie Page

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